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An unveiling…..

Posting on the run but I’m so excited I don’t want to wait until tomorrow to post. We just finished a photo shoot for the website and I wanted to share a quick glimpse of the Royal Apothic Interior Perfume called Attar of: High Tea. The story will come tomorrow, I PROMISE, but in the meantime, here’s a glimpse……


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Fun On Friday: Lucky Number Generator

With yesterdays post all about jumping, today’s Fun on Friday should be about luck! Click here and punch in a few details….and……SHZHAAAAMMMM  you have your lucky number!


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Fun on Fridays….Color Palette Generator

We have been hard at work on the Royal Apothic website and todays Fun on Friday post is about a very cool tool we discovered by mistake.  Ever have an amazing photo or picture and want to match the colors used?  The Color Palette Generator is the perfect little widget.  

Color Hunter lets you upload an image and then generated a palette of colors based upon the sample.  Although they are given in HEX format (internet programming secret code,) you can easily convert them using this nifty little chart.

We uploaded this image of an amazing floral design from Erin Rosenow (more to come on Miss Rosenow and her beautiful work later)


and quickly found out that our custom color palette was………


Too cool!!

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Fun on Friday



Click here to use fontifier and turn your handwriting into a font!

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