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The Young Victoria was AMAZING!  If you can, run and see it.  From the sets to the costume, the story to the soundtrack, all of it was great.  However, what really got me was the trailer before the picture started.  The Lovely Bones is a new movie coming from director Peter Jackson and based on an amazing book by Alice Sebold.  Now I normally tune out during the trailers but the music for this one pulled me in!

Amazing right. Well I came home and after an hour surfing the web I tracked down the song. Most people are looking for the ethereal music that plays when the character gets to heaven but I wanted the strings! Either way here is both:

House of Cards by Audiomachine

Alice by the Cocteau Twins

I try to post things that inspire me on this blog and the Audiomachine song truly did. Although I promised not to work yesterday, after hearing the track on loop, I couldn’t resist and was ready to blend. We just wrapped up Christmas for this year, but next year’s deadline are fast approaching and the Royal Apothic Holiday 2010 Collection must be finished soon. The song triggered an idea that I had been playing around with for a while, so after the movie, into the lab I went and finished a new fragrance for next year. If you are a fan of Edwardian Fireplace, just wait til get a whiff of this!



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Explore the fragrance- Attar Of: High Tea

So I have been promising for weeks now a glimpse behind each of the Royal Apothic fragrances, and I have FINALLY gotten around to the post.  I apologize dear readers for the wait.  I posted a sneak peak last week and showed an image asking you to guess where it was.  The Harrod’s Tea Room is an amazing space, completely over the top in a way only Harrod’s could do.  As a child, it was always a treat to go to tea with my mum on Saturday mornings after she had drug us around shopping. It was always a game to try to sneak extra cubes in when the adults were not looking and I truly felt like a grownup the first time I was poured a cuppa from the adult’s pot.  The smell and fragrance of the tea room was one I always  remembered and associated with carefree weekends, so I knew that if I could duplicate the aroma, it would definitely be in the line.  It took quite a few tries but I was able to recreate the aroma of rising steam from the pour of hot tea into a porcelain cup.  It’s an amazing blend of Earl Grey, Clove, Lime, Bergamont, and Cedar.  Here’s a little description to tide you over until the website launches…..


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An unveiling…..

Posting on the run but I’m so excited I don’t want to wait until tomorrow to post. We just finished a photo shoot for the website and I wanted to share a quick glimpse of the Royal Apothic Interior Perfume called Attar of: High Tea. The story will come tomorrow, I PROMISE, but in the meantime, here’s a glimpse……

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Explore the fragrance-Extract of Topiary


I have been promising for at least a few weeks to write about the Royal Apothic fragrances, and this week I came across a picture that has spurred me along.  The fragrance, Extract of: Topiary,  is based upon a preparation listed in the apothecary’s manual and captures a fragrance that brings me back to my youth.  In the Kensington area of London, many of the houses surround small grassy gardens usually gated and accessible only to residents who have a key.  Our home in London backed up to one and this small area of respite provided many hours of fort building and imaginative games.  It was easy to lose yourself (and any track of time) in the hot afternoon of a summer day, and I have always remembered the smell of our private park.  Extract of:  Topiary captures the fragrance by combining crisp, green ivy with Hydrangea and a whisper of Rose.  When I smell it, I literally see the color green.

The above picture was taken by Lisa Borgnes Giramonti whose blog: A Bloombsbury Life gives an amazing view into her fabulous and creative family.  I stumbled across it  a few months ago and it has definitely become a daily pleasure.  As it turn out, Lisa lives a stones throw from me in LA and I look forward to running into her in the “hood!”

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