About Royal Apothic

Royal Apothic is a brand that was not created as much as it was found.  Creative director S.I. OMara spent his career in the beauty industry working with companies including estee Lauder, Proctor and Gamble and Murad.  On a sabbatical in London, he came upon a book tucked high upon a shelf in a forgotten Notting Hill antique stall.  This hidden treasure revealed itself to be an apothecary manual from the eighteenth century.  Listed within it’s pages were the formulas of concoctions created for many of the great monarchies of Europe.  Knowing he could tie his own expertise into the formulas, he returned to the U.S. and began duplicating the fragrances listed within the manual.

Royal Apothic began with a simple book and is now one of the fastest growing lifestyle brands in the modern era.  “The fragrances I have translated give one a simple way to bring luxury into the home,” S.I. explains, “You can change the mood of a space completely by simply lighting a Royal Apothic Luminarie or spraying some of the Interior Perfume.  As a boutique design house, Royal Apothic truly brings sovereign luxury to the modern home.  

This blog gives an inside view into the creation of the brand and the many things that excite, intrigue and inspire us……

For more information, or to carry Royal Apothic products in your store, contact us at: sales@royalapothic.com


5 responses to “About Royal Apothic

  1. S.I. Omara-
    I’m so wildly intrigued by the story of the inception of Royal Apothic! Will you ever post photos of the book on your blog? I’d love to see!


  2. Kasey

    Hi Sean!
    I love it all Congrats- Mazaltov!!!

  3. dana

    how do i sign up for your blog?

  4. Eric Shaw Quinn

    S —

    Congrats! I shan’t be a bit surprised to find unexpectedly one day that you are running the world.

    All the best,

  5. Elizabeth

    Just discovered Cutting Garden in a quaint little bath shop near my house in San Francisco. It was honestly difficult to choose between the different scents. Might have to pick up another one at some point! All of the scents are really special. Nice work!

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