we are so tired….

And feel horrible for the lack of posts. For all our retail partners who saw us in Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago and LA: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! For those that havent seen us yet, we are packing for New York!! Catch us next week at the NY International Gift Show. Ill post details this week and I promise to post regularly when we return. SO much to share….

Image from White and Wander. An AMAZING blog



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2 responses to “we are so tired….

  1. gabriel (At Home)

    Sean it was great seeing you at the atlanta showroom. Loved all the new product can’t wait to get it all. As I always say you have the best product.

  2. Mary Fancher

    Sean, glad I finally got to see Wellington. Ross is such a dog lover!
    Love your products – very lightly fragranced and go a long way!
    Have you ever read Victoria Magazine? When I had my shop I was obsessed with it. Beautiful layouts and products showcased. I used to get many of my products for Joyful Abundance from flipping through the magazine.
    Congrats on Best of Show. I never went to the New York Gift show. How many vendors? I used to go to Atlanta, Dallas and Minneapolis. Take care, Ross’ mom Mary

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