On repeat in the Apothic

I know summer is upon us, but I have fast forwarded to Fall and wrapping up some hot new launches for Sept/October. As I work, I have had one of my favorite people singing a cover of one of my favorite songs. Had to share, hope you enjoy.

I think tomorrow will be a good day to unveil the surprise from a few posts back and I promise to do so if the pictures come in 🙂


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  1. gabriel munoz

    hi we just got back from atlanta mart and saw your beautiful candles. We have been in retail for 16 years and have carried in our stores evrey candle, slatin, trap, archepelago, dyptyke, rigaud,perfumes isabelle,and many more but your new collection the one with the terra firma is the best we have ever had. We placed an order for the 6 new fragrances and the sprays. Can’t wait to get them. We are looking to bring in a bath and body line please tell me you are in the process of making one or already have one. please let us know. We have a friend that is opening a store in Newport maine and told her she had to get these candles for her new store. She loved them and will also be placeing an order. Our store is located in Thomasville Georgia it is an upscale town. Our store is located in the Historic Downtown District the streets are lined with cobblestone and the Buildings are over 100 years old.We moved from Miami 4 years ago and it was the best move we have ever made. We had 3 stores in miami sold them and moved to thomasville. now we have 1 store and are getting ready to open up our 2 location 3 doors down. Please keep me updated on your new products. Love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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