A decorating dilemma…

So the Apothic is growing and we need more space. We are expanding our offices and the time has come to pick furniture. Im great with other people, but the minute it’s my own project I freeze. So dear blog friends, I need your help. The area in question is our conference room. We are installing the Mercer table from William Sonoma Home (Well, actually two of them, with a giant piece of custom glass to form a HUGE table. (with the growing staff it always helps to have more space, plus it will double as a project station…..

Underneath, a huge Sisal rug from Overstock

(black border of course)

Above we will hang this brilliant Chandelier from our friends at Empiric Studio.

To hold files and product samples, two of these from Oly Studio in silver finish

Now the hard part. Im torn. I want fun chairs, but nothing TOO comfortable as everyone needs to keep working and I believe too comfortable of a chair leads to dissertations on the previous nights episode of The Bachelor or extended Facebook sessions (i kid, i kid-sort of) The two end chairs, mine and the employee of the month (kidding, again) will be scaled down wingchairs in Charcoal Felt with Silver nailheads similar to this:

but for everyone else I am torn between this cute number from Crate and Barrel spotted via Christian @maison21

or this, with some custom cushions in saddle leather

Thoughts??? Leave em in comments please.

Oh, almost forgot. I should give you some inspiration images I have been working on so that you are fully informed….


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3 responses to “A decorating dilemma…

  1. It doesn’t sound like you need any help at all! Everything that you’ve picked is delightful, and seems to ooze Royal Apothic. That light fixture… THAT LIGHT FIXTURE!!! Well, it’s absolutely stunning! And, the idea of the two tables as one is brilliant. I’ve used a pair of those “Stella” etegere’s at a clients home, and they work perfectly and look smart. I vote for the bent wood chairs, as opposed to the cane. Can’t wait to see the finished look!

  2. Sounds divine! In this scenario I am partial to the Louis chair but love the cafe chair as well. You can’t go wrong.

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