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Royal Apothic giveaway

Here’s your chance to try the new Royal Apothic Extract collection before theyre even available on our website. Head over to CocoKelly by clicking here


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Rocking out

Here is a little taste of what we are rocking out to in the design studio this week. I ❤ the Sugarbabes

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A must see….

Ive been spending alot of time working on all of the upcoming launches for Royal Apothic and also speaking to many or our fans. The response to the brand has been more than I ever could have imagined and I wake up each morning completely amazed by the appreciation I am receiving just by doing what I love.

The marketing landscape of our world is changing and I am convinced that the brands that survive are led by people who are consumed with passion for what they do!! Thi little video was actually made by a publishing house to help their employees understand the huge shift to their business with the launch of the iPad. (BTW mine is on order and I cant wait) I found the video completely inspiring and had to share but make sure you watch ALL the way through, there is a surprise in the middle….

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Absolutely beautiful…..

and very inspiring…


found via here


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A glimpse into the past

Take a look at this amazing photo taken by Jo Teeuwisse. After finding some old images, he returned to the spot of the original picture and snapped a new picture. Then, combined for a breathtaking result…..

Found via here

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Royal Apothic and Real Simple

Just got news that Royal Apothic has been featured in one of my favorite magazines….

Check it out here
and what perfect timing since we just got the new perfumes online…..

Check the new lineup here


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A decorating dilemma…

So the Apothic is growing and we need more space. We are expanding our offices and the time has come to pick furniture. Im great with other people, but the minute it’s my own project I freeze. So dear blog friends, I need your help. The area in question is our conference room. We are installing the Mercer table from William Sonoma Home (Well, actually two of them, with a giant piece of custom glass to form a HUGE table. (with the growing staff it always helps to have more space, plus it will double as a project station…..

Underneath, a huge Sisal rug from Overstock

(black border of course)

Above we will hang this brilliant Chandelier from our friends at Empiric Studio.

To hold files and product samples, two of these from Oly Studio in silver finish

Now the hard part. Im torn. I want fun chairs, but nothing TOO comfortable as everyone needs to keep working and I believe too comfortable of a chair leads to dissertations on the previous nights episode of The Bachelor or extended Facebook sessions (i kid, i kid-sort of) The two end chairs, mine and the employee of the month (kidding, again) will be scaled down wingchairs in Charcoal Felt with Silver nailheads similar to this:

but for everyone else I am torn between this cute number from Crate and Barrel spotted via Christian @maison21

or this, with some custom cushions in saddle leather

Thoughts??? Leave em in comments please.

Oh, almost forgot. I should give you some inspiration images I have been working on so that you are fully informed….


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