If official part 2

OK, I made you wait a little longer than I said, but that was only because Mr Suits (the lawyer) said I had to. The success of Royal Apothic has been amazing and before I reveal what’s happening, I wanted to thank everyone involved, from sales to the warehouse, our readers and fans, I am so grateful to you all. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect that we would be this successful, this fast.

Now, on to the big announcement.

After working on Royal Apothic, I came up with a concept that although extremely cool, didnt work with the brand. I played around with it for a few months and after much thought and deliberation, came to realize that it could truly stand on its own as a line by itself. Well, I was not the only one to think so and i am please to announce that our NEW brand will launch on Jan 1st at URBAN OUTFITTERS nationwide.

Called SAVE FRAGRANCE by ScentLAB, the new range of personal perfumes are distillations of pure scent which can each be worn alone or layered to create your own blend. The fragrances are amazing and the retail price point is accessible and affordable.

There is much to be done and a new website will be launching soon. I’ll keep you informed but in the meantime, another thanks to everyone who was involved with this exciting new line.
scentlab logo

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