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I cant wait to spill the beans….

Big announcement coming tomorrow and I CANNOT wait to tell, but I am sworn to secrecy for just 24 more hours.

In the meantime, maybe a little clue won’t hurt. See below XOXO


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A very royal “clapper”

So I am sure everyone remembers the 80’s pheno, “The Clapper.” Clap once to turn the lights on, clap again to turn them off.
Well here is a new version that is completely up my alley

Designed by Materious, I think it would be perfect next to the couch in the Apothic. I wish it came in black.

Available here
Found via design shimmer

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a little edie to get us thru the weekend

Lots of exciting announcements coming next week. Ill be sharing exciting news and giving a sneak peak into our next collection. In the meantime, enjoy a little bit of Little Edie

and this scene kills me….”two talks with Margie McCord left me gasping” slays me every time…

God I love the Beales

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We got style in the “bag”

I love a good bag, and I love using a good bag for many purposes. San Francisco designer Grant Gibson has found a creative storage solution in his bathroom using a LLBean boat tote (monogramed of course)
We use these all over the Royal Apothic Studios for holding fabric swatches and magazines and I keep a few in the trunk of my car for groceries. The canvas works to help keep frozens cold and the monogram adds serious shopping style.

And although I am not one for laundry, (In fact, I cant remember the last time I did some,) this doesnt mean that my worn clothes are not housed in style. Here are some seriously stylish options for your dirty clothes.
Available here
Available here
These Dransfield and Ross totes are amazing!
Available here

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O hellO there Oprah…..

OK, when I stop alternating between crying, jumping, screaming and all around hyperventilating, I promise to write a real post. In the meantime, I can’t wait any longer to share….

We ….



O List…..

Thanks Oprah, I LOVE you……
O magazine - Nov 09 - Cover
O magazine - Nov 09 - Page 3

BTW, I’m totally available to be your Nate Berkus of Beauty…..I’m just sayin…


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For those dorm rooms…..

Royal Apothic and some tips I wrote were featured on Teen
Check it out here

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