Amazing vintage-esque finds

I know that I have plugged them before but I am so impressed with the new collection at Restoration Hardware. Turn out they have partnered with the amazingly talented team at BoBo Intriquiging Objects and it looks like that’s who is responsible for much of the facelift. The new catalogue just came out and I love the following pieces. There is definitely an order going in for the Sunset Plaza project.
This Victorian Hotel pendant light is classic and glamorous at the same time.
Although billed as a desk chair, I can’t wait to use the Devon as head chairs at the eat in kitchen table.

Can you imagine having a giant trunk as a home office! The Mayfair Steamer is hand made and I am LOVING it.

There is even a 4 foot replica of an Italian street lamp.


There is definitely a BIG order going in.  The only drawback is that many of the new pieces are only available through the catalog and online and will not be stocked in the stores!  Kind of a bummer when they are such statement pieces and I like to see them in person first.


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