Organize your life, one cable at a time

I am the type of guy that has a physical reaction when I encounter a mess.  Whether it is the careless houseguest who has forgotten to tidy up behind themselves or the co-inhabitant who insists on leaving the toothpaste out on the counter to tease me. One particular point of annoyance is the mess of cords underneath my desk.  I spend alot of time in my home office and everytime I pull my chair out from the desk, I cringe at the bundle of cords being fed onto the surge protector.  Ive tried taping them to the side and the lovely cord corrals available at Ikea but the cords still drop off at the power strip in a total mess of insanity.  Poking around online today, I found a solution, and when my trusty CableBox arrives in 3-5 days, I will truly enjoy a little peace.


Check it out here



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