I am obsessed……

So very rarely do I share fragrances that I am still working on. I consider the different versions timeless secrets to be held in my lab, disposed of once the final formulation is reached. This breathtaking video has caused me to make an exception….. For two years I have been working on a scent that is still unfinished. Countless versions and modifications have been made, endless hours spent mixing and tinkering. A little more jasmine, less gardenia, a touch of chocolate and a hint of champagne, how do I capture the scent of a persian rug mix mixed with sun streaming in on a French afternoon?? In my mind’s eye I can smell it, yet how do I combine oils and chemicals to create it. This is my challenge and one I tackle with every Royal Apothic scent. Despite the challenge of creation, the inspiration for this particular concoction is quite clear

For years, Coco Chanel lived at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. Most don’t realize she always had the same room. Checking in and checking out, she demanded it remain always the same. Her room: Suite 302. The aura of Suite 302 is my goal and this new video has inspired me to continue my journey of capturing that olfactory experience no matter how many versions it takes. I have no clue how close to completion I am, but rest assured oh faithful blog readers, you will be the first to know!


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