Explore the fragrance- Attar Of: High Tea

So I have been promising for weeks now a glimpse behind each of the Royal Apothic fragrances, and I have FINALLY gotten around to the post.  I apologize dear readers for the wait.  I posted a sneak peak last week and showed an image asking you to guess where it was.  The Harrod’s Tea Room is an amazing space, completely over the top in a way only Harrod’s could do.  As a child, it was always a treat to go to tea with my mum on Saturday mornings after she had drug us around shopping. It was always a game to try to sneak extra cubes in when the adults were not looking and I truly felt like a grownup the first time I was poured a cuppa from the adult’s pot.  The smell and fragrance of the tea room was one I always  remembered and associated with carefree weekends, so I knew that if I could duplicate the aroma, it would definitely be in the line.  It took quite a few tries but I was able to recreate the aroma of rising steam from the pour of hot tea into a porcelain cup.  It’s an amazing blend of Earl Grey, Clove, Lime, Bergamont, and Cedar.  Here’s a little description to tide you over until the website launches…..



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  1. What a great story… and what a stunning display of marketing!

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