A little diversion

I am sorry for not posting on the next Royal Apothic fragrance, I promise it’s coming kids.  Things are full speed ahead at the Apothic and we are looking forward to landing in the US with a big splash.  Lots of change going on but ALL of it good.  I started this company by asking the universe to direct me with what was next and I jumped.  I am at a similar place again and once again, I’m going to jump.  The book found me, all I have to do is the next directed step (To those of you confused, click the history link and learn a little about us)…..

In the meantime, I can see lots of new readers and rather than do a whole post about what’s coming, I thought I would share something amazing.  My BFF and fellow plastic, Oliver (again, more to come) is a brilliant talent manager who works with some equally brilliant artists (Dixie Chicks, Webb Sis’s and the uber-cool Fannius)  We went to see one of his artists in a super tiny joint in Hollywood last week and the sounds still leave me breathless.  We have been playing this over and over again in the design room and I have to post it here.  Terra Naomi is the artist and wrote the song after watching An Inconvenient Truth.  The Youtube post promptly got her a record deal and she performed at Live Earth for the charity.  (another side note, I’m on the board of The Climate Project and have had the privilege of spending alot of time with Al Gore, who is AMAZING, Royal Apothic is actually going to do a fragrance inspired by the scent of Carbon Neutrality!)  OK, enough chat….in lieu of silence, please enjoy Ms. Terra Naomi…….the song is about what you could do if anything is possible (as I write this with a rock in my throat!)

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  1. ORD

    🙂 gorgeous, right?

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