Decorating Porn

Just came across the new collection from Restoration Hardware.  Although I have previously bought a few things in the store, I never found any I couldn’t stop thinking about…. WOW have things changed!  It looks like the Restoration folks have put together a new collection based on old world craftsmanship and detail. <hmmm, how VERY Royal Apothic>   I have been hunting antique stores for an old movie light for a corner in the Apothic and haven’t found anything I like….until now.  I’m ordering the

Royal Master Sealight Floor Lamp


And I also love:
Entablature Mirror


although I <gasp> may have to paint it glossy black.   DONT TELL!!!

 This little stool is super hot and looks very AERO/Thomas OBrien



Great job Restoration Hardware….my accountant is gonna LOVE you!!!!


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2 responses to “Decorating Porn

  1. That lamp is insane…love it!

  2. Ugh! I’d kill for that mirror and stool!

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