Explore the fragrance-Extract of Topiary


I have been promising for at least a few weeks to write about the Royal Apothic fragrances, and this week I came across a picture that has spurred me along.  The fragrance, Extract of: Topiary,  is based upon a preparation listed in the apothecary’s manual and captures a fragrance that brings me back to my youth.  In the Kensington area of London, many of the houses surround small grassy gardens usually gated and accessible only to residents who have a key.  Our home in London backed up to one and this small area of respite provided many hours of fort building and imaginative games.  It was easy to lose yourself (and any track of time) in the hot afternoon of a summer day, and I have always remembered the smell of our private park.  Extract of:  Topiary captures the fragrance by combining crisp, green ivy with Hydrangea and a whisper of Rose.  When I smell it, I literally see the color green.

The above picture was taken by Lisa Borgnes Giramonti whose blog: A Bloombsbury Life gives an amazing view into her fabulous and creative family.  I stumbled across it  a few months ago and it has definitely become a daily pleasure.  As it turn out, Lisa lives a stones throw from me in LA and I look forward to running into her in the “hood!”


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