The History part 2


A few posts back, I shared with you my frustration in my last career and the trip home I took to get grounded. When I returned from London with the Apothecary manual in my luggage, I had no clue it would set me upon my current path, but like many experiences I have had in life, we are truly not in control. Back in LA, I knew that I wanted to do something that combined my love of beauty, with my obsession with design and interiors. I was constantly helping friends with their homes and many times a new furniture and remodels where not an option. I had working on ways to change the feel of a space with small changes, like paint, accessories and scent. It’s amazing how fragrance works in our life. A passing smell can trigger an wave of memories and emotion that can turn dull surroundings into a completely different place. I practiced this and was able to evoke times from my past with fragrance. Over the coming months, an idea began to take shape in my head. What if I could use fragrance to evoke the times held in the Apothecary’s manual, and bring them into the modern day. My journey creating Royal Apothic had begun……….more to come!


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