The story of the Apothic, Part 2


It is finally time to finish telling the story of how Royal Apothic came to be. For those followers who have been checking back, I apologize for the delay. When I returned to Los Angeles from London, I brought with me the book that I had purchased from the antique store. Although I had a rough idea of what it was, I was unsure about if it could be any use to the idea that had been forming in my head. After consulting with a Professor at UCLA, about the history of Apothecaries throughout Europe, I knew that the little book was really a found treasure. I had spent a large part of my career developing cosmetics, and I had spent lots of time in labs developing a pretty strong understanding of the chemistry behind blending raw materials into scents, creams and “potions.” My plan was to begin to take the recipes and instructions from the Apothecary’s manual to create a line directly inspired from monarchy’s past.  I would be two more years until  Royal Apothic was born.


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  1. Fascinating, I know nothing about this, the process, your company, the technique…. I am forced to check back to learn more!!

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