So what is Royal Apothic?

The idea for Royal Apothic started a few years ago after a period of time of feeling very frustrated. I had been running a big skin care brand which was a lot of fun, but I was tired. Making decisions everyday for another person’s company was amazing, but I felt I really wanted to do it on my own. With no clue what to do, I decided to take some time off and return to London. A trip there always clears my head and recharges my batteries so I knew it was the perfect idea. (little did I know how much so this particular trip) On the plane over, I decided once and for all it was time to do my own thing, and the time had come to figure out what it was. I remember distinctly saying to myself that I was ready for it to FIND ME! A few days into the trip, while was exploring one of my favorite neighborhood antique stores, I came upon an old, leather bound book tucked upon a high shelf. Thinking I had a perfect spot for it back home, I took it down and cracked open the cover. Illustrated with unique drawings and filled with beautiful calligraphic penmanship, the book was definitely a find! After flicking through a few of the pages, it became clear that this was a find that would make it’s way into my carry-on for the trip home. I had stumbled upon an Apothecary’s manual belonging to an Apothic famous among Monarchs throughout Europe, and this book would soon change my life.


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