Redecorating. An update

So I posted a pic when testing blogging on my iPhone and realized I didn’t give an explanation. In addition to launching Royal Apothic and my consulting duties, I am tackling redecorating my house. I also realized that I could probably give you a glimpse so here is an update on todays project. I have a big blank wall that I wanted to fill with something unique. The wall is directy across from the front door so I wanted some art with some impact. I’ve looked for a few months and decided to take matters into my own hands. I ordered a map of London from 1810 off of eBay. We scanned it in, blew it up in photoshop and recolored it Hermes orange to go with the living room. Here’s how it looks, sorry it’s a little blurry, I’m dying to know what you think. ( a big thank you goes out to the girls on the office, especially hannah). You’ll meet them in future posts but they are amazing and help me with tons of projects (even if they don’t know exactly what they’re for or what the end result will be!!



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2 responses to “Redecorating. An update

  1. I’m crazy about this map!!!!!!!!! I may be moving into a place very soon (fingers, toes, legs & eyes crossed!!), and the ceilings are absurdly high. I would LOVE to copy your beautiful idea!!!!

    • royal apothic

      scott….The map is from 1875 and we use it as lining in boxes for the brand. If you move, let me know and the we will run a set for you here. We can even change the colors to go with your new pad! Although it took forever to get the perfect shade of Hermes orange that I am particularly partial to!

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