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another thing on the map

I almost forgot to mention that we recolored the map and thats what you can see on the banner and first post.  We will be using it as a box liner at Royal Apothic and also for our gift wrapping tissue!  Boy, am I glad I won that eBay auction!!


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Redecorating. An update

So I posted a pic when testing blogging on my iPhone and realized I didn’t give an explanation. In addition to launching Royal Apothic and my consulting duties, I am tackling redecorating my house. I also realized that I could probably give you a glimpse so here is an update on todays project. I have a big blank wall that I wanted to fill with something unique. The wall is directy across from the front door so I wanted some art with some impact. I’ve looked for a few months and decided to take matters into my own hands. I ordered a map of London from 1810 off of eBay. We scanned it in, blew it up in photoshop and recolored it Hermes orange to go with the living room. Here’s how it looks, sorry it’s a little blurry, I’m dying to know what you think. ( a big thank you goes out to the girls on the office, especially hannah). You’ll meet them in future posts but they are amazing and help me with tons of projects (even if they don’t know exactly what they’re for or what the end result will be!!


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More inspiration

Once again a random place that caught my eye. I’m curious myself to see how we will integrate this but check out the amazing iron work on this door!

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So a big part of this blog is to give you a glimpse of inspiration behind the brand. It won’t always make sense at the time, but I’ll capture images and hopefully you’ll see how we weave them together to create Royal Apothic. The below shot I captured in the bathroom at a New York restataunt. (yes inspiration hits at odd places!!)

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Why this blog?

I  have to admit, I have a pretty exciting life.  This month alone, I boarded an airplane and headed to New York.  After a few days it was off to London.  Then Dubai, then New York, then back to Los Angeles.  Home for 24 hours then off again.  Interviews, meetings, meet and greets blend together.  By the time I was done, I had racked up 50,000 frequent flyer miles and could no longer remember what city, what day of the week, or even what time it was.  But it’s exciting, and even more so, fun.  It wasn’t always like this.  And if you had asked me if this is what I had planned, I would have never predicted it.  This is the life I lead and the part that I play.

There is however, something special about this time.  You see, as I travel the globe meeting amazing people and working at the job that I do, the people I meet are always intrigued and slightly curious as to what my day is like.  Everyday, people use the products that I create, often times unconsiously, so when they finally meet me and here about the long process to get just the perfect shade of lipstick, or the many meetings that it took to choose the picture they see in the magazine ad, they often times question what it’s really like.
 So as I embark on a new chapter, I have decided to document it.  Through blog posts, pictures and videos, I hope to give you a glimpse behind my company, and what inspires me.   I’ll take you where I go, and give you a sneak peak at the birth of a brand.  It’s my hope that the next time you are in the waiting room of your doctor, or curled up on the couch reading a magazine, and you come across one of my ad’s, you’ll remember just how hard it was to get the perfect shot!

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